Feeling Festive with My Little

My Little and I got matching Christmas Pajamas and we decided to make a Christmas Card! How could we resist a Christmas photo shoot, especially while our house is all decorated for the holidays? We're still finalizing the design, but I thought I'd share the picture we took!

Which one do you want to see on a Christmas Card? Let us know in the comments below! Also email me ( if you want to receive one of our cards!


It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas


Okay now that it's December, I've broken out all the Christmas movies, tv shows, and music! I wanted to put together a guide to all my favorite Christmas entertainment for you! Check it out!
So, I kinda made three different Spotify playlists for Christmas. One is for all of the classic jams, one for Country Christmas songs, and the last is more upbeat, pop-style Christmas songs. Check them out below!

I found this guide (click here) that lists every Christmas movie playing on Cable each day. It includes Freeform and Hallmark movies, so you don't have to check all of the different schedules. This makes it so much easier to find my fave movies and not miss anything that's airing this season!

I have a couple of movies that I have to watch each Christmas or it just isn't Christmastime to me. I rounded ip my absolute faves below for you to check out!

Eloise at Christmastime (2003)
This is my number one Christmas movie! Maybe it's because I wish I had Julie Andrews as my nanny or that I lived in the Plaza hotel, or maybe it's the gorgeous Christmas Eve wedding. Whatever it is that makes this movie so charming, I'm all here for it. If you've never seen this one, you definitely need to check it out!
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)
While the first Home Alone gets a lot of appreciation, I love the sequel a little more. There's nothing like a Christmas movie set in New York City! Kevin gets up to his usual antics, but in a whole city instead of just his gigantic, beautiful house! What's not to love? 
Arthur Christmas (2011)
This one is a newer British movie and it is absolutely adorable! There's some very clever humor, as well as a very sweet plot following some of the best characters i've ever seen in a Christmas movie. You can catch it on Freeform's 25 Days of Christmas this year!
A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)
This is definitely my favorite classic Christmas movie. Everyone loves Snoopy and Charlie Brown and the message in this movie is timeless! If you haven't seen this one in a while (surely there's no one who has never seen it!) be sure to check it out on ABC this year!

On Netflix This Year
Netflix is upping their Christmas movie game each year. There's a lot of Hallmark movies and even a Netflix original. These are the ones I'll be watching:
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)
Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas (1999)
Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas (2004)
Mickey's Magical Christmas (2001)
White Christmas (1954)

I'm a huge fan of holiday specials for my favorite TV shows! These are all of the Christmas episodes of some of my favorite series (Most are on Netflix but HIMYM just got taken it off and it makes me so sad!)

1.10 - The One with the Monkey
2.9  - The One with Phoebe's Dad
3.10 - The One Where Rachel Quits
4.10 - The One with the Girl From Poughkeepsie
5.10 - The One with the Inappropriate Sister
6.10 - The One with the Rockin' New Year's Eve
7.10 - The One with the Holiday Armadillo
8.9 - The One with the Creepy Holiday Card
9.10 - The One with Christmas in Tulsa

How I Met Your Mother
2.11 - How Lily Stole Christmas
4.11 - Little Minnesota
6.12 - False Positive
7.12  - Symphony of Illumination

The Office
2.10 - Christmas Party
3.10 - A Benihana Christmas
5.10 - Moroccan Christmas
6.13 - Secret Santa
7.11 - Classy Christmas
8.10 - Christmas Wishes
9.9 - Dwight Christmas

Parks and Recreation
2.12 - Christmas Scandal
4.10 Citizen Knope
5.9 Ron and Diane

Hannah Montana - Killing Me Softly With His Height | video here
Lizzie McGuire - Xtreme Xmas | video here, Here Comes Aaron Carter | video here
Kim Possible - A Very Possible Christmas | video here
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody - Christmas at the Tipton | video here
Good Luck Charlie: It's Christmas | Netflix